Sep. 9th, 2010 07:59 am
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I managed to work up the nerve to talk to mom about moving on our drive into work this morning. I had been planning to talk to her about it when we went to the laundromat, but she kept putting it off. Honestly, I ended up doing that "being deliberately quiet until she asks you what's wrong" thing.

I mostly told her the truth, though I did emphasize that I wanted to leave so I could feel and behave more like an adult, rather than that I wanted to get away from all the pointless bickering.

I was surprised. She only teared up in front of me, instead of out and out crying, which she often does and I expected. I don't want to hurt her with this, but I also can't let her control my life forever.

I think she was most surprised that I have a genuine roommate lined up, though not as much as she could have been. It probably helps that I've been telling her about him for the past few days.

She didn't tell me I was going to fail at least, and she said she'd help me "as much as she could", and that's all I can ask. I just needed to know that when Dad and my brother start screaming at me about this, she won't be doing the same thing.

Going to start making calls and seeing places soon, after I talk to the roomie.



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